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I'm Lauren and this is my husband, Corey. We are parents of two who thrive on Jesus and coffee. I'm a full-time project manager and Corey is a full-time graphic designer. He helps me run this little business with branding, labels, candle vessel creation, packaging, and deliveries.
Our candle-making journey began in 2018. As a previous essential oil enthusiast, I began blending essential oils with clean burning soy wax, and things took off from there. We've learned so much since then and our processes, products, and branding have continued to improve.

Over the course of this journey, I discovered what essential oils work best in candles and began limiting those with a low flash point due to the aroma burning off too quickly. I was also limited on what types of candle scents I could provide. A little investigating brought me to clean fragrance oils. Healthy candles have always been my goal, so fragrance oils made without phthalates, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other harmful chemicals were definitely something in which I was interested. These have since become a new line of candles I'm thrilled to be able to offer. 

With the glass shortage during the pandemic, Corey and I began researching alternative candle vessel options. After much research and testing, we are proud to take our handcrafted promise a step further by creating our own cement candle vessels. These have become our main candle vessel, with the exception of our essential oil candles. Due to the concentrated nature of essential oils, we determined it is best to continue offering these in amber jars. Our upcycled wine bottle candles will also be offered during the fall and winter seasons.

We aren't just candles, however! This journey began with a focus on essential oil blends, so we continue to offer the same essential oil blends that are in our candles, as undiluted diffuser blends for your home. Essential oil room and fabric sprays have also been added to our ever-growing list of product offerings.

Thank you for reading about our journey and please follow us at @knappessentials on Instagram for the latest updates. You can also follow our blog (though we don't get much time to post a lot these days) or feel free to contact me using the form below.