Hand-crafted Candle Vessels

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Did you know we hand make each candle vessel? 

It wasn’t something I ever considered previously because glass candle vessels were plentiful prior to the pandemic. However, 2020 changed all of that and I was uncomfortable with the need to constantly switch suppliers, order lids from one supplier and jars from another, and pay increasing shipping costs. The situation posed a risk to my business since I couldn’t rely on vessels to be in stock and would result in price increases to cover the higher shipping costs. 

My goal is to be consistent, reliable, and keep prices low.

This led me to research other options, one of which involved creating our own vessels out of concrete. I was skeptical about the integrity of the vessel initially, but further research showed me how to ensure durability and proper sealing. Corey and I made some test batches until we developed the most promising method that met our requirements. This included finding a sealant that was suitable with no VOCs and resistant to degradation in high temps.

The result was beautiful and unique.

We love how these new vessels look and how they can be customized in color. So far, we have created a darker version for our essential oil candles, and a lighter version for the others. We may explore adding colors to the mix based on seasons and holidays. 

Our corks from the wine bottle candles fit perfectly and Corey had the idea to change our labels to tags attached with twine. This makes the tag easy to remove so the container can be used as a gorgeous piece of decor or repurposed as a planter.

Check out our process video on Instagram and let us know what you think!

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