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I think we can all agree that life has been a little crazy, right? When I made the tough decision to take some time off in early 2020, I had no idea what the year would bring. There were three reasons I stepped back from the candle scene.

  1. Holding down a full-time job combined with three hours of candle making most nights was becoming insanely difficult. Candle-making is a hobby and brings me enjoyment, but while increased demand was a blessing, it also caused a significant amount of stress. My full-time job is necessary, so I had many long discussions with my husband and finally decided to take a year off to focus on my career and something new...
  2. I was pregnant. And tired. No joke, I forgot how much fatigue there is during the first trimester. Good gracious, I could barely function. There were days where I felt like I needed to apologize to my husband for being a couch slug. This added to my stress as I didn't want to let my amazing customers down, but I also severely struggled to find the energy to just get through the day. On top of that...
  3. I had to be careful. While essential oils are considered safe in normal quantities, breathing in higher concentrations during the candle making process caused me concern while pregnant. It may have been completely fine, but I wanted to be careful

After 42 weeks expecting the little dude, Isaac was born and I almost considered my candle company to be permanently closed. I knew I needed at least the next three months to focus on him plus a sweet little girl in the middle of the terrible twos. Buuuuuuut, things settled down and I regained my motivation. 

Corey and I took what we learned from the previous years and decided to re-evaluate our business model. We needed to improve efficiency while retaining quality. I didn't want to experience the level of burn-out I felt at the end of 2019. We decided to focus on offering our most popular essential oil candles while also adding a new line of clean fragrance oil candles. See, most candle makers use fragrance oils because they are specifically made to be used in candles. They are easier to blend and don't require waiting for wax to dip below a crazy low temp to add. Essential oils require a lot more time and patience when properly blending into candle wax. I became super excited about using clean fragrance oils so I can continue to stick to my initial purpose of providing healthier candles. The added variety of scents is also a plus. Finally, we reduced our size options, at least for now. Candles will be offered in 8oz jars with some also available in the form of wine bottle candles.

As for availability, I upgraded my online store because a year off pretty much guaranteed I'd be replaced at the Forest Farmer's Market and local retail stores. I'll do my best to be at as many events as possible, but my online store will always be available for shopping. I'll also offer local pickup. 

To those who waited and waited for my candles to return, I sincerely appreciate your patience. I can't wait to see you all at the next market or event. From all of us here at K.E. Candle Co. (including the littles) we missed you!

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